Linux Hosting

Many web sites choose Linux hosting for their web hosting services. It depends on your requirements what type of hosting to choose, Linux web hosting or Windows hosting. When ordering Linux web hosting, one should keep in mind that Linux servers support PHP, Perl, MySQL, CGI, HTML and Javascript databases. If this is what you need for your web site, Linux hosting or Linux server hosting is right for you.

Linux hosting (Linux server hosting or Linux web hosting) is a type of hosting using Linux operating system. Linux is one of the most popular operating systems, which are used for hosting web pages on a web site server. Linux web hosting is associated with stability and security. Moreover, Linux server hosting is reasonably priced.

Linux was initially created as a hobby by a Finnish student, Linus Torvalds. He was interested in Minix, a small operating system by UNIX, and decided to develop an operating system that would exceed Minix in features. The first version was released in 1994. Since that time there have been many versions of Linux, and Redhat Linux is the most preferable one. Many web hosting providers choose this very version for their Linux hosting services.

Actually why do many hosting providers choose Linux web hosting? Linux is a UNIX based platform which makes it very reliable and makes many web hosting companies choose Linux server hosting. Moreover, it’s free of charge. On the one hand, clients have a great opportunity to get affordable hosting services when choosing Linux hosting. On the other hand, web hosts can offer their clients cost-effective Linux hosting. And the most remarkable thing about Linux web hosting is that it’s one of the most secure and stable hosting platforms ever.

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