Reseller Hosting

The advantages of reseller web hosting

Reseller hosting (reseller web hosting) gives you the chance to sell hosting services to others. This is a popular way to earn good amount of money with minimum investments. Many hosts are in business today because they started buying reseller web hosting plans from larger hosting providers to resell to local clients and businesses. Reseller hosting services allow businesses to lease servers, connections and bandwidth from established hosting firms, but brand the product as their own. Read the review on reseller web hosting below for more information.

Even some of today’s biggest hosting companies simply resell the products of bigger companies because it cuts down on staffing and equipment expenses in exchange for a reasonable fee. Reseller hosting is good for a small web host who needs some experience in the web hosting industry. A company or individual who owns a dedicated server can create a reseller web hosting account in the same way they create a shared hosting account. With a reseller hosting account, however, you have more control. You are allowed to set up multiple web sites/domain names with your account, which can then be resold to potential customers.

So you would like to get into the profitable business of being a web hosting provider. Welcome! There are many companies and individuals trying to break into web hosting market today. Reseller hosting services offer you the ability to start your own internet-based business by selling web space, but without the hassles or monetary expense of managing your own equipment.

What is reseller web hosting?

Reseller web hosting is the provision of web hosting services to third-party companies that act as web hosts. Many reseller hosting providers offer additional services like web design and management services to their clients. When you purchase a hosting plan from a reseller, your web site will be stored on the main web host’s server. The reseller from whom you purchased hosting plan will be the one who interacts with the central web host on your behalf. You will make payments to the reseller and receive all necessary services from the reseller web hosting provider. There are great benefits for resellers. They don’t need to buy the hardware, bandwidth or technical staff to actually run the services. Reseller web hosting (reseller hosting) is also the ideal solution for people who need to host many domain names, each needing a customized hosting plan at a low price per month.

What do I need to know to become reseller web hosting provider?

Experience is always a good thing. It would be valuable to know and have experience with the technical side of web hosting. It must also be remembered that web hosting is a business and this entails many things. You need to know, at least be able to learn about, legal requirements, accounting requirements, not to mention customer service skills.

But now, when you’ve made that decision to become a reseller, what do you do? The first thing to do is decide on what it is you wish to offer. Some resellers just want to offer hosting solutions for a cheap price hoping that they can make money on quantity. Alternatively, other resellers are design firms who have decided to offer hosting to enlarge their design offerings as well as open the door for additional customers. There are many reasons for becoming a reseller and a multitude options that can be offered to your customers. It is a very good idea to know who your prospective customer is before you even get started.

What is a reseller?

1) Resellers are small-business owners who obtain hosting services from another web host, then offer those services for sale to other customers under their own business name. Becoming a reseller can be a relatively low-cost, low-risk way to enter the hosting business.

2) Reseller hosting is for those who wish to venture into the business world of web hosting. A “reseller” purchases some space from a web host at a fixed monthly or yearly price and then resells it to others, seeking web hosting at a profit. As à reseller, you’ll only need to concentrate on gaining new customers and supporting those clients as your own. Your web host will deal with the technical aspects of hosting, including upgrading the server, maintaining the hardware, making sure the server software is current and keeping the server online. “Resellers” are reseller hosting providers with their own set of clients.

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