Shared Hosting

After launching your web site your next step is to choose a web hosting provider. If you are a newbie here, it’s more likely you’ll get lost in various hosting terms. You come across virtual and shared hosting, dedicated hosting, shared web hosting.and many more terms. Almost every web hosting company offers its clients shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting packages. For a person hardly familiar with the notion of web hosting, these terms tell them nothing. All he or she wants is to have the right web hosting solution.

If you still don’t understand the notion of virtual and shared hosting, you can get very good explanation here, as well as the best solution for shared web hosting. Virtual and shared hosting refers to the same idea. Shared hosting or shared web hosting is a type of web hosting where several customers share one server. Shared web hosting means, a service provider serves pages for multiple web sites. Each web site has its own domain name or IP address from a single server. Moreover, each customer is allocated a certain amount of web space and FTP access for the files and graphics to be uploaded. Your virtual and shared hosting accounts enable you to have a certain amount of data transferred to your website to update it at anytime. Usually your shared web hosting account includes various services such as MySQL, PHP databases and email accounts also. You’ll be able to manage your shared hosting account through a control panel that enables you to view your statistics and emails sent to your domain.

Virtual and shared hosting is a great way to get a website online; it’s secure and reliable and helps you to develop your technical skills. Moreover, shared web hosting is ideal for your business whether you want to run an ecommerce web site or just showcase your work online. Virtual and shared hosting also gives you a great possibility to improve communication with your customers. You can do this by asking for feedback via email and forums or setting up opt-in mailing lists.

Shared web hosting is an ideal solution for small and medium web sites, that don’t require a lot of bandwidth. If you need an affordable solution, shared web hosting is right for you, as it’s cost effective. Moreover, it’s secure and reliable if implemented correctly. In order to find the best shared hosting, have a look at our web hosting reviews.

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