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The web hosting ratings and web hosting reviews section at AcademyWebSpecialists.com is a collection of opinions of present and former customers of web hosting companies. It is the unique opportunity to learn about the level of services that is provided by a particular company.

What are web hosting clients asking for nowadays? It’s fairly consistent. In order of priority: vendor stability, cost, performance (service) and security. Why isn’t security higher on the list? Unlike the other criteria, most clients are willing to take moderate risks when it comes to the security of their sites. They believe they can decrease risk through good practices, vendor assurances and insurance. It’s somewhat easier to measure stability, cost and performance than it is to measure security, so security is less often a criterion during vendor evaluation.

There are some important “behind the scenes” issues that you need to be aware of when choosing the right and top quality web host provider. This article and web host ratings are meant for those of you who has the intent to start an online business and is looking for reliable hosting provider. We will give you a fair idea of what you should avoid while planning an online business and searching for reliable web hosting company. Feel free to compare web hosting ratings and read our independent reviews!

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Most web hosts promise you lots of goodies but may not live up to it. The Internet and its relative anonymity offers the opportunity for people to pretend to be somewhere else than what they seem to be. Children can pretend to be hosting companies, people with a computer in their bedroom and a DSL line – pretend to be web hosting companies, people with a shared server account can pretend to be companies with their own servers, people using tools like Front Page and others can pretend to be site designers even though most have no knowledge of HTML and other basic design elements. Only independent web host ratings can surpass the kind of illusion that the Internet makes possible.

Why look through web host ratings?

Nothing can hurt you more than this: your visitors come to your web site but find that it’s not accessible. You lose credibility and possibly sales. If your web hosting company does not guarantee at least a 99% uptime, leave the web hosting provider now!

Luckily right now there are so many web hosting companies out there that they are constantly fighting each other to attract more business clients. Hosting Consumer Report knows from the experience what hosting customers want that’s why we recommend you first to look into web hosting ratings and find as much information as possible here at Hosting Consumer Report before making the important decision.

Some sites boast of thousands of accounts that they host. This is meant to impress you and suggest that if 50 or 60 thousand other customers have chosen them than you should too. What they don’t tell you is that they may have lost 20 or 30 thousand of those customers that were dissatisfied with their hosting services. Many of these companies make their money from getting new customers, not from keeping the existing ones by honoring their commitments and providing good service. They load hundreds of accounts, even thousands, on each server, all sharing many of the same resources that affects your site and all others you share the server with, especially if you have any processor intensive programs or functions. They may disable your account when your site uses more than its fair share of resources or start charging your credit card for more than you bargained for.

You may want to choose a host that you can grow with: one that you can afford now and handle all your current site requirements and one that can handle any growth you may experience. So, choose wisely. Whatever amount of time you spend in selecting a proper web hosting provider will be well worth it. That’s why AcademyWebSpecialists.com strongly recommends you get to know with all web host ratings in order to make the right choice! You might start by making a list of your needs. Rely on our independent web hosting ratings and web host reviews.

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