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Advantages of ASP hosting and windows web hosting: independent reviews is an independent organization that offers you to read the reviews on companies that provide windows web hosting. We give reviews on companies objectively as we try to stay a leader in providing of business information in the web hosting industry. Hosting Consumer Report will present articles that help to explain in simple language the process of ASP web hosting for running a business online. Believe us that a successful online business is not a lucky accident. We will help you to get to the top of it if you trust our reviews! Our reports are reliable source of information on windows web hosting (ASP hosting) and will help you to make your right choice. As the competition in web hosting industry grows, many windows hosting providers are dishonest and treat their customers in an unacceptable manner. In order to protect our featured users in their choice of reliable windows web hosting provider we have valuable reviews and materials that will guide you in crucial moment of choosing webhosting provider.

If you are sure that you’ll host your website on windows server but don’t know from where to start your hosting search, we will clarify some notions for you.

ASP hosting is a coding technology for building dynamic websites. Active Server Pages are HTML pages with fixed ASP scripts, which are launched on the windows web hosting server before the page is sent to the user.

ASP hosting (windows hosting) is a revolutionary programming framework that enables the rapid development of powerful web site applications and services. It provides the easiest and most efficient way to deploy, organize and distribute websites. It is a powerful server-based technology designed to create dynamic, interactive, HTML pages on your demand in Internet.

Windows web hosting gives you the ability to utilize many forms of dynamic content and specialized databases. Major points regarding windows hosting and ASP hosting include:

1) Windows hosting offers more options than Unix.

2) ASP hosting (windows hosting) enables website owners to use advanced features without much experience.

3) Windows hosting provides extensive database integration and functionality.

Windows web hosting platform is 2nd most popular in the Internet among site owners. The main “advantage” and distinction of windows servers from other platforms is that they are compatible with Microsoft applications, such as FrontPage, MS Access and MS SQL. Windows servers also offer web developers the use of programming shells such as Active Server Pages (ASP), Visual Basic Scripts and MS Index Servers. Windows web hosting (ASP hosting) platform is the only credible alternative to Unix/Linux hosting. For more inexperienced web site owners, windows web hosting servers are typically seen as easier to use then Unix/Linux. If you are conscious with using other Microsoft applications, then learning how to use Microsoft’s Windows hosting applications comes a bit more natural than figuring out the command line structure of Unix/Linux. Both windows hosting and ASP hosting are practical alternatives for your online business.

Windows Web hosting has been around for several years now and has evolved from simple HTML pages hosting small simple sites with a few images into full blown web based hosted applications where end users can visit a site, interact with the web site owner and even purchase goods and services all over the internet.

Windows hosting utilizes the Microsoft Windows Server operating system to host websites containing simple HTML pages and even applications written in ASP or ASP.NET. Windows uses a built-in application or “service” called Internet Information Services (abbreviated as IIS).

Do you need to have your website hosted by a windows hosting provider? We have listed the Top 5 shared windows hosting. These cheap windows based website hosting services are full of features and reliable. With a windows 2003 hosting, you can design your site using ASP and MSSQL. Hence, window hosting is also known as ASP hosting or ASP.Net hosting. is ready to assist you in making your choice of Windows hosting provider! It’s our goal to offer our customers articles related to web hosting! Read our independent windows hosting reviews and look through all web site hosting plans and choose the best for you! Hosting Consumer Report is the most comprehensive web hosting resource of information on the Internet! Hosting Consumer Report is a complete independent guide to selecting the right windows hosting or ASP hosting service for personal or business use.

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